Tile Distributors and Manufacturers

Post-installation issues are a perennial challenge for flooring suppliers: “the floor is slippery” or “we can’t clean it”. These inquires take valuable time to investigate, and can lead to reputational losses. At Bonasystems, we believe that these issues can in the most part be prevented, and if they do occur can certainly be looked after by someone else, meaning you can concentrate on your core business.

Bonasystems can help you with:

  • Robust O&M cleaning and maintenance guides, tailored to your product and to its chosen environment
  • On-site assistance with problem floors, saving time from your sales team’s activities
  • Slip testing of surfaces, both in laboratory and on-site settings
  • Anti-slip treatments to aesthetically-pleasing surfaces that don’t meet slip-resistance requirements, in order that you can get them specified
  • Professional handover cleans to ensure that the surface is passed to the client in its best possible condition

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