Changes to Regulations 2023

As you may be aware, The Control of Poisons and Explosives Precursors Regulations 2023 will take effect from 1 October 2023. You can read more about it here.

As a business supplying regulated goods*, we will need to take additional steps to verify the legitimacy of the professional user or business and ensure that the products are only used for floor treatment and maintenance.

From 1 October 2023, Bonasystems Europe Limited must obtain the following from the business customer:

  • The business customer’s name and address. If the business customer is not an individual, the name of an individual who is authorised on behalf of the business customer should be recorded;
  • A form of photographic identification of the business customer or, if the business customer is not an individual, of the individual making the purchase;
  • A statement of the nature of the business customer’s trade, business or profession, or of the public function that the business customer performs; and
  • The business customer’s VAT registration number, if the business customer has such a number.

Should the person placing the order not be the authorised individual for your company, we will require their identification when the order is placed.

To simplify this process, we have compiled a form to assign a nominated individual and to return the additional information we require that we will retain for repeat orders for a period of 18 months in line with the regulations.


The following regulated products are affected by the change:

  • B11 Bonasystems Main
  • B12 Bonasystems Clean
  • BM Bonasystems Monthly

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