Our Story

The first-generation Bonasystems chemicals were designed in the 1990s by an inventor seeking to solve the severe challenges of the wet leisure industry: how could one keep floors clean and safe in spite of challenging contamination; the prerequisite to not affect pool chemistry; the need to be bare feet friendly and the risk of slipping? The products he developed were sold to local leisure centres in and around Hertfordshire for a number of years.

Recognising the potential of the Bonasystems technology, the business and its IPR was acquired by City Group UK, a privately-held manufacturer of supermarket checkout and shelving units which owned several tangential subsidiaries. Steven Phillips, now Bonasystems’ Managing Director, was a director of this business at the time. Under City Group’s ownership, Bonasystems succeeded in professionalising (for example building its first website!) and growing its UK business, whilst also moving overseas into the Italian, Dutch and Irish markets.

City Group was taken over by ITAB, a Swedish quoted company. After the takeover, the non-core City Group businesses were offered to management, and Steven undertook an MBO. In 2011, a further tranche of investment was sought, with the directors keen not only to bring on board additional working capital but also colleagues who could add value to the company’s growth. As such, Stephen Moss (hospitality); Nigel Geach (marketing and sports management); Nick Thomlinson (property) and David McDonough (press) were welcomed as part of the Bonasystems family.

Since then, we have continued to grow our business both in terms of sales, personnel, served sectors and product/service offerings.

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