Amazed by results

Shopping Case Study

The brief

A leading multinational supermarket chain with a global chemical supply agreement recently installed safety tiles in its washrooms in order to mitigate the risk of slipping. However, after a mere few weeks, complaints were being raised that the floors were ‘uncleanable’.

  • Cleaning managers “tried everything” in the generalist chemical supplier’s range to try to remove the staining, but to no avail
  • Unfortunately, to maintain safety tiles such as these, a neutral detergent is not fit-for-purpose

The solution

  • Bonasystems worked with the cleaning company to help them action a solution
  • A one-off deep clean was undertaken by the cleaning company in two trial stores; daily maintenance regime was then put into place and monitored

The result

  • After a successful trial – monitoring both results and cost-in-use – Bonasystems’ solution was rolled out across all the washrooms with this safety tile

“The products are amazing. They have by far exceeded our expectations of what improvements we were looking for” (Tracey Rogers, National Cleaning Operations Manager, City FM)

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